Half Nelson

Half Nelson – Wrestling Technique

The “Half Nelson” is one of the most common and probably most used “turns” (getting your opponent’s back to the mat) in wrestling. Often, it will be the only turn that youth wrestlers know before they go into middle school wrestling. Also the Half Nelson is a variant of the Full Nelson which is illegal in all forms of wrestling.

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Instructions for the Half Nelson

  • First, you will usually start in the position known as Referee’s Position in wrestling and as the Turtle in most other grappling styles.
  • To initiate the move, you will take your strong hand (the hand that’s on the same side that you are riding) and snake it under his arm and onto the back of his neck.
  • Now from here, you can try to move out to the side and power it through or you can attempt to break your opponent to his/her belly first.
  • You can also put your free hand on your wrist and push it down to assist it this is known as the power half.
  • Any way you do it you will move out to the side (“T” off) pull his/her head until your elbow touches the mat push your hips and crank his/her head hopefully turning your opponents back to the mat.
  • You should end up in the side mount. In wrestling, you would try to lift his head and secure a pin. Whereas, with other martial arts styles, you would usually work toward a submission.

Instructional Video for the Half Nelson

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