Hammerlock – Grappling Technique

This page provides details for the Hammerlock. This joint lock focuses on the shoulder. The hammerlock is often used as a law enforcement restraining or “come along” technique. The hammerlock is also used in grappling martial arts such as Mixed Martial Arts.

All grappling techniques are potentially dangerous and should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. For more grappling techniques, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Grappling section. If you are looking for details on other joint locks (i.e. elbow locks), please visit the main Joint Locks section.

Instructions for Technique

  • An aggressor’s arm is bent behind his back.
  • The aggressor’s arm is pushed upwards toward the neck.
  • This will place pressure on the aggressor’s shoulder joint.

Instructional Videos for the Hammerlock Technique