Hapkido – Under The Arm Armbar

Hapkido “Under The Arm” Armbar

This page examines the Hapkido technique known as the “Under The Arm” armbar (or “Wing Lock”). In this self-defense technique, students use a joint lock known as an armbar (or elbow lock).

During training, students will twist their opponent’s arm and trap the opponent’s elbow under their arm (in the arm pit). The student will then use their weight to press down on their opponent’s elbow. Be careful when applying pressure to your training partner’s joint. Don’t injure your training partner!

Joint locks work by applying pressure on a joint and pushing it in an “unnatural” direction (i.e. locking an arm and forcing an elbow backward). This restricts an opponent’s movement and/or causes the aggressor to submit due to pain and/or the potential for a hyperextension injury or broken bone.

For other joint locks, please Black Belt Wiki’s main Joint Locks section.

Video Instructions for the Hapkido “Under The Arm” Armbar