Hapkido – Wrist Locking Outer or V-Lock

Hapkido Wrist Lock – Outer Wrist Lock or V-Lock

This page provides details for a Hapkido “V-Lock or Outer Wrist Lock”. This joint lock technique applies locks where the little finger is twisted across the inside of the wrist and moved towards the outside of the bicep. This will result in 2 “V”s, one at the wrist and one at the elbow.

For information on other joint lock techniques, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Joint Locks section.

Instructional Video for Hapkido V-Locks or Outer Wrist Locks

Written Instructions for Technique

  • Attacker  – Grabs defender’s right wrist with their left hand.
  • Defender – Roll wrist up in half moon circle going from left to right.
  • With left hand, place thumb on back of hand with fingers on inside of palm
  • Shuffle 45 degrees right with right foot forward.
  • Bend opponent’s wrist back using reverse wrist break.
  • Push down on wrist with right knife edge.