Hojojutsu – Japanese “Rope” Martial Arts

Hojojutsu (also known as Torinawajutsu) is a Japanese martial arts that uses ropes and occasionally chains to restrain or disable an opponent. Hojojutsu is taught as part of the curriculum in some Ninjutsu and Bujutsu Ryu and in some Jujutsu schools.

Hojojutsu utilizes a long length of rope and involves learning how to trap and secure an opponent by throwing parts of the rope around any vulnerable part of the body. Many intricate and supposedly inescapable knots are taught in Hojojutsu. As well as with ropes some Hojojutsu techniques can be performed with weapons such as the SurujinKusarigamaKyoketsu-Shoge and Kusari Fundo.

Hojojutsu was also traditionally one of the martial arts used by feudal Japanese police and is still taught to some extent to modern Japanese law enforcement and military personnel.