Indian Martial Arts Styles

List of Indian Martial Arts Styles

This section provides details about martial arts styles from India. It covers Indian martial arts such as GatkaKalaripayattuNiyuddha and many more. Many Indian martial arts styles incorporate weapons training (esp. with swords and spears) as they were originally developed in order to train soldiers hundreds of years ago.

If you think a style should be added to this page, please contact us. However, we will only accept martial arts styles that have many schools (10+) & an active style association/federation and/or a detailed Wikipedia page. For the styles of other countries (i.e. Japan, China, Korea and Brazil), please visit the main Martial Arts Styles section.

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Martial Arts from India – Click on each style for more information

  • Gatka – Gatka is a martial arts focused on weapons, especially swords.
  • Huyen Langlon – Huyen Langlon is a martial arts from northeastern India.
  • Kalaripayattu – Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial arts style from India.
  • Malla-Yuddha – Malla-Yuddha is an Indian and Southeast Asian martial arts focused on combat wrestling.
  • Mardani Khel – Mardani Khel is a weapon-based martial arts.
  • Niyuddha – Niyuddha is an ancient martial arts focused on kicking, punching and throwing.
  • Pehlwani – Pehlwani is a martial arts focused on wrestling & grappling techniques.
  • Silambam – Silambam is an Indian martial arts focused primarily on staff fighting.
  • Sqay – Sqay is a weapon-based martial arts originating from the Kashmir area of India and Pakistan.
  • Varma Kalai – Varma Kalai is a martial arts focused on pressure points. It can also be used for healing applications.

Gatka – Indian Martial Arts Style