Inside Chop – Krav Maga

Krav Maga Technique – Inside Chop

This page provides details for the Krav Maga Inside Chop. The public knows this strike as the Karate Chop. It is also called a Knife Hand Strike by many other martial arts styles.

For an inside chop in Krav Maga, the student moves his/her hand to the outside with the palm of the hand facing up. The student would then swings his/her hand inwards towards the target (i.e. an opponent’s neck). The student should hit the target with the outside ridge of his/her hand.

We haven’t found any good Krav Maga videos for this striking technique. Therefore, we have added some instructional videos from other martial arts styles in order to help you with this technique.

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Knife Hand Strike or Inside Chop