Ishi Sashi

Ishi Sashi (Stone Padlocks) – Karate Training Tool

This page provides details about the Ishi Sashi (Stone Padlocks). This traditional Japanese martial arts training tool is used by some Karate sub-styles in order to develop hand, wrist, arm and shoulder strength. This equipment is used in Hojo Undo, which is traditional strength training used by some Karate styles.

An Ishi Sashi consists of stone or concrete hand weights. Martial arts students must grip Ishi Sashi and swing the weight around or hold the Ishi Sashi stationary with the weight extended. The training with an Ishi Sashi is modestly easier than training with a Chi Ishi as students do not have to manage an extended weight. Exercising with Ishi Sashi and/or Chi Ishi provides training which is similar to modern kettlebell workouts.

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Video of Ishi Sashi Training