ITF Taekwondo Pattern – Ko-Dang

This page provides details for ITF Taekwondo Pattern – Ko-Dang. This pattern was replaced by Juche in the 1980s. However, some ITF Taekwondo schools still include Ko-Dang as part of their black belt grading system. Please check with your instructor to see if Juche or Ko-Dang (or both) are used at your school.

There are 39 movements in the Ko-Dang pattern. According to Wikipedia, “Ko-Dang and Juche are similar, and some Taekwon-do organisations have renamed Juche to Ko-Dang furthering confusion as to if a pattern referred to as “Ko-Dang” is the original 39 movement or the newer 45 movement pattern”.

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ITF Taekwondo Pattern – Ko-Dang


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