Shotokan Kata – Jion

This page provides videos and instructions for Shotokan Karate kata – Jion. This is an advanced Shotokan kata. To master these Shotokan Karate katas, you will also have to learn basic Shotokan stancesKarate kicksKarate blocksKarate punches, etc.

Please use the demonstration video in order to see what the kata should look like at full speed and the instructional video in order to learn the individual elements involved in the kata.

For other Shotokan katas (i.e. Heian Shodan), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Shotokan Karate Katas section.

Step-By-Step Instructional Video for For Shotokan Karate Kata – Jion

Demonstration Video for Shotokan Karate Kata – Jion