Jumping Downward Elbow Strike

Jumping Downward Elbow Strike

This page provides instructions for the Jumping Downward Elbow Strike. This is a more advanced version of the traditional downward elbow strike. The jump in this elbow strike is used in order to gain greater downward momentum as a martial artist strikes an opponent.

For other elbow strikes (i.e. spinning elbow strike), please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

Written Instructions for Technique

  • In this technique, you will make a stationary leap or run and jump as high as you can in the air.
  • When you are in the air, you will bring your elbow up vertically as high as you can.
  • As you descend, you will then bring your elbow down rapidly striking the target with the tip of the elbow.

Instructional Video for the Downward Elbow Strike & Jumping Downward Elbow Strike

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