Karate Elbow Strikes

List of Karate Elbow Strikes

This page will help you to learn a variety of Karate elbow strikes. It also provides the Japanese names for these techniques. Moreover, the videos below provide instructions for a number of different Karate elbow strikes (Empi Uchi).

In Karate, the word Empi/Enpi originated from the Chinese characters 猿臂 (which means “monkey elbow”). Elbow strikes are seen as close, wild, and dangerous like an ape beating down on its target.

To see how elbow strikes (i.e. spinning elbow strikes) are done by other martial arts styles, please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

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List of Karate Elbow Strikes – Videos and/or instructions

Shotokan Karate Elbow Strikes

Karate Elbow Strikes