Karate – Gedan-Barai

Karate Block – Gedan-Barai (or Downward Block)

This page will help you to learn Karate‘s Gedan-Barai (or Downward Block, Low Block, etc). A Gedan-Barai or downward block is used to block or deflect attacks from low angles (i.e. block an opponent’s kick).

The videos below provide instructions on how to perform the Gedan-Barai block or Karate downward block. Karate blocks are used in self-defense, Karate katas, Karate kihon, etc. For example, this entry-level technique is used in the kihon kata known as Shotokan Taikyoku Shodan.

For more blocking information and videos, visit the main Karate Blocks section.

Video on Basic Karate Blocks including Gedan-Barai

Instructional Video on Gedan-Barai (Low Block)