List of Karate Styles

List of Major & Minor Karate Styles

This section looks at the multitude of Karate styles. Over the years, Karate has divided into many different sub-styles as students split from their masters, families developed their own unique styles, sensei added techniques and/or concepts from other martial arts or geographical regions, etc.

Click on the Karate styles below to learn more about their kata, techniques, history, etc. If you are looking for information on other martial arts (i.e. BJJ, Krav Maga or Aikido), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Martial Arts Styles section.

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Most Popular – Best known and/or styles with the largest number of schools.

Major & Minor Styles – Click on individual styles below in order to learn more about that Karate system.

Karate Styles – Shotokan (Founder – Gichin Funakoshi)

Karate Styles

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