Judo – Kawazu Gake

Kawazu Gake – Judo’s Forbidden One Leg Entanglement Technique

This page provides details for Judo‘s Kawazu Gake (One Leg Entanglement). This is a Judo leg entangling sacrifice technique and is forbidden in many Judo competitions.

Kawazu Gake is one of Kodokan Judo’s Kinshi Waza (forbidden techniques). This technique is forbidden due to the likelihood of your opponent suffering head and leg damage from the sacrifice throw/drop. All of Judo’s Kinshi Waza techniques are dangerous and should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained Judo instructor. Be considerate of your training partner!

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Demonstration Video for Judo’s Kawazu Gake

Instructional Video for Judo’s Kawazu Gake