Kendo Kata 2

Kendo Kata 2 (Nihon-me) – Video & Written Instructions

This page provides details for Kendo kata 2 (Nihon-me). We have provided video and/or written instructions to help you master this kata. For additional kata instruction, please visit the main Kendo Katas section.

Written Instructions for Kendo Kata 2 – Nihon-me

  • The Uchidachi and Shidachi assume chudan position.
  • Remaining in the chudan position, both take three big steps forward, beginning on their right foot.
  • Seeing a chance to act, the Uchidachi delivers a cut to the right kote of the Shidachi.
  • The Shidachi lowers the tip of his sword and, beginning on the left foot, steps to the left diagonal rear. This step must be executed in a circular motion. The Shidachi evades the sword of the Uchidachi.
  • Suddenly swinging his sword, the Shidachi advances on his right foot and delivers a cut to the right kote of the Uchidachi.
  • Both assume the chudan position, the Uchidachi from the left, the Shidachi from the right foot, confidently maintaining zanshin.
  • Breaking their position, both beginning on their left foot take five small teps to the rear and once again assume the chudan position.

Youtube Video of Kendo Kata 2


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