Kobudo Weapons

List of Kobudo Weapons – Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Weapons

This page provides details and videos on traditional Kobudo weapons (Okinawan weapons) such as the BoNunchakuSai and Nunti Bo. It also covers less well-known Kobudo weapons such as Tinbe Rochin (short spear and shield) and Tekko (brass knuckles).

Kobudo training is often provided for higher level Karate students. Nevertheless, there are some martial arts schools that focus solely on Kobudo training. Beyond self-defense training, these weapons are also used in martial arts weapon katas.

For information on other traditional martial arts weapons (such as the Meteor Hammer or Naginata), please visit the main Martial Arts Weapons section.

List of Traditional Kobudo Weapons – with videos, photos and/or greater weapon details

  • Bo – Long staff
  • Eku – An Okinawan weapon that originated from an oar
  • Hanbo – Half staff
  • Kama – Small sycthe
  • Kuwa – Okinawan weapon based on the garden hoe
  • Nunchaku – Also known as Nunchucks
  • Nunti Bo – An Okinawan spear with hooks on the side
  • Sai – Three pronged weapon
  • Sansetsukon – Three section weapon
  • Surujin – Surujin is an Okinawan weighted chain or rope weapon
  • Tambo – A very short staff (similar to a baton)
  • Tekko – Okinawan (Japan) knucklebuster or brass knuckles
  • Tinbe Rochin – Spear and shield combination
  • Tonfa – Two baton-like weapons


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