Kung Fu Joint Locks

Kung Fu Joint Locks

Many Kung Fu styles use joint locks to disarm, disable or restrain opponents. In Chinese, joint lock techniques are known as “Chin Na” or “Qin Na”. Kung Fu joint locks include wrist lockselbow locks, etc. In many Kung Fu styles, individual joint lock techniques often have colorful names such as “Tiger Emerges from Cave” in order to better remember the technique.

While most Kung Fu styles use joint locks, some styles give joint locks greater emphasis in their training. For example, Eagle Claw Kung Fu uses joint locks extensively and traditionally practices 108 “Chin Na” techniques. For other joint locks (i.e. from Aikido or Hapkido), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Joint Locks section.

Instructional Video for Shaolin Joint Locks

Eagle Claw Chin Na Techniques

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