Taekwondo Pattern 10 – Kwang-Gae

ITF Taekwondo Pattern 10 – Kwang-Gae

This page will help you to learn ITF Taekwondo Pattern 10 – Kwang-Gae. This is usually the 10th pattern taught to ITF Taekwondo students. Videos for this Taekwondo pattern are located below. There are 39 movements in the Kwang-Gae pattern.

Kwan Gae was named after Kwan Gae Ta Wang, 19th king of the Kogurayu Dynasty who recovered all of the lost territories including the greater part of Manchuria. The diagram represents the expansion and recovery of lost territories. The 39 movements represents the first two numbers of the year 391 AD (when Kwan Gae Ta Wang became king).  For the meaning of other ITF Taekwondo patterns, please visit our Meaning of ITF Patterns section.

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Step-by-Step Instructional Video for ITF Patern Kwang-Gae

Demonstration Video of ITF Taekwondo Pattern 10 (Kwang-Gae)

Demonstration Video of ITF Taekwondo Pattern 10 (Kwang-Gae)