Lujiao Dao

Lujiao Dao (Deer Horn Knives) – Chinese Martial Arts Weapon

This section provides details on the Chinese martial arts weapon known as Lujiao Dao. It is also known as “Deer Horn Knives” or “Duck Blades”.

This martial arts weapon looks like a set of large brass knuckles with knives on either side of the fist. It was used as a more easily concealed weapon (versus a long spear or sword). Beyond its offensive/attack role, the Lujiao Dao was used for trapping an opponent’s weapon and/or disarming the opponent. It could also be used to block an opponent’s weapon with its metal hooked blades. It was especially good for combat in enclosed spaces (i.e. places where it was hard to swing a sword).

Lujiao Dao (Deer Horn Knives) Demonstration