Martial Arts Weapons

List of Traditional Martial Arts Weapons

This page provides details on a wide variety of traditional martial arts weapons (i.e. BoNunchakuSai and “Meteor Hammer“). These martial arts weapons come from a variety of countries (i.e. China, Japan and the Philippines) and martial arts styles. These weapons are used for demonstrations, katas & forms, etc.

For a variety of Bo techniques (i.e. spins & thrusts), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s Bo Staff Techniques section. If you are looking for martial arts styles that focus almost exclusively on traditional weapons training, please see our Weapon-Based Martial Arts section.

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List of Traditional Martial Arts Weapons

  • Bagh Nakh – The Bagh Nakh is an Indian martial arts weapon known as “Tiger Claws”.
  • Baraw – Arnis, Eskrima & Kali knife
  • Bankaw – Arnis, Eskrima & Kali staff
  • Bo Staff – Staff
  • Bolo – Arnis, Eskrima & Kali machete
  • Bokken – Wooden practice sword used in Japanese martial arts such as Kendo and Aikido.
  • Canes – Canes or walking sticks are used as weapons in martial arts such as Hapkido.
  • Daab Song Mue – Thailand two-handed swords
  • Dan Bong – The Dan Bong is a very short wooden Hapkido weapon.
  • Dao – Chinese saber
  • Eku – A Japanese weapon that originated from an oar
  • Hanbo – Japanese half staff
  • Hu Cha – Chinese “Tiger Fork” or “Hunting Tiger Trident”
  • Iaito – Iaito is an unsharpened metal practice sword used in Iaido.
  • Jang Bong – The Jang Bong is a 6 foot wooden staff used in Korean martial arts such as Hapkido.
  • Jian – Straight sword used in Chinese martial arts such as Wushu and Tai Chi.
  • Jingum – Metal sword used for cutting practice in Korean martial arts such as Haidong Gumdo.
  • Jiu Jie Bian – Jiu Jie Bian is a Chinese “chain whip” weapon.
  • Jo – Japanese short staff
  • Jutte or Jitte – Japanese weapon similar to the Sai
  • Kagum – Blunt metal sword used for training purposes in Korean martial arts such as Haidong Gumdo.
  • Kama – A Okinawan/Japanese weapon based on a small scythe for cutting rice.
  • Kanabo – Kanabo (or Tetsubo) was a metal mace used by Japanese samurai.
  • Karambit – Southeast Asian claw-like weapon
  • Katana – Japanese sword
  • Krabi – Thailand curved sword
  • Krabong – Thailand staff
  • Kunai – Japanese Ninjutsu dagger-like weapon
  • Kusari Fundo – Japanese chain weapon
  • Kusarigama – Chain and scythe weapon
  • Kuwa – Japanese weapon based on the garden hoe
  • Kwan Dao – The Kwan Dao (Guan Dao) is a heavy Chinese pole-based weapon with a “sword” at the top.
  • Kyoketsu-Shoge or Shogee – Hooked dart-rope weapon used in Ninjutsu.
  • Lathi – Stick weapon used by Indian and other Southeast Asian police.
  • Liu Xing Chui (or Meteor Hammer) – The Meteor Hammer is a traditional Chinese weapon consisting of iron balls on a chain.
  • Lujiao Dao – “Deer Horn Knives” or “Duck Blades”
  • Metsubushi – Pepper or powder used in Ninjutsu in order to blind or disorient an opponent.
  • Mokgum – Wooden sword used for training purposes in Korean martial arts such as Haidong Gumdo.
  • Nagamaki – Japanese weapon
  • Naginata – Japanese halberd-like weapon
  • Nunchaku – Also known as Nunchucks
  • Nunti Bo – An Okinawan spear with hooks on the side.
  • Pho Bak – The Pho Bak (or Rope) is a traditional Hapkido self-defense weapon.
  • Plawng – Thailand long staff
  • Police Baton – This traditional law enforcement tool has been used for centuries.
  • Pu Dao – Chinese weapon known as the “Horse Cutter Sword”.
  • Qiang – Chinese spear
  • Quarterstaff – This is a British wooden staff about 6-9 feet long. Famous from the tales of Robin Hood.
  • Sai – Three pronged weapon
  • Sanjiegun – Wu Shu three section staff
  • Sansetsukon – Okinawan three section weapon.
  • Sarong – Sarong is a flexible rope-like weapon used in martial arts like Silat.
  • Shaolin Spade – This Chinese weapon is also known as Yue Ya Chan and Chan Zhang.
  • Shuang Gou – Chinese hook swords
  • Sheng Biao – Chinese rope dart
  • Shillelagh – Irish stick weapon
  • Shinai – Bamboo practice sword used in Japanese martial arts such as Kendo.
  • Shinken – Japanese sword used in martial arts such as Iaido
  • Shuko – Claw-like weapon used in Ninjutsu
  • Shuriken – Throwing stars which are usually associated with Ninjutsu
  • Surujin – Surujin is an Okinawan weighted chain or rope weapon.
  • Tambo – A very short staff (similar to a baton) used in martial arts such as AikidoJujutsu, etc..
  • Tanto – Japanese dagger. A wooden version is often used in Aikido knife self-defense training.
  • Tekko – Okinawan (Japan) knucklebuster or brass knuckles
  • Tessen – Japanese war fans
  • Tetsubishi – Metal caltrop
  • Tinbe Rochin – Okinawan spear and shield combination
  • Tomahawk – The Tomahawk is a Native American hatchet-like weapon and is used by martial arts such as Okichitaw.
  • Tonfa – Two baton-like weapons
  • Wakazashi
  • Yantok – Arnis, Eskrima & Kali stick weapon
  • Yari – Japanese spear
  • Yumi – Bow used in Japanese archery-based martial arts such as Kyudo.

Modern Self-Defense Weapons of Opportunity – These are everyday items that you would normally be carrying (due to the rain or an injury) that could be used in a self-defense situation. These are not concealed weapons.

Shaolin Martial Arts Weapons

Japanese Martial Arts Weapons


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