Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops

Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops – Strength Training

This page will teach you how to do “Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops” (or Medicine Ball Diagonal Woodchops). This plyometrics exercise will improve your martial arts arm, chest and core strength and thus will help you to generate stronger punches and grappling techniques. It will also improve your conditioning.

In this plyometrics exercise, you will hold a medicine ball in two hands and move the ball diagonally across your body. Other medicine ball drills include Medicine Ball Chest PassMedicine Ball Side ThrowsMedicine Ball Sit-Up ThrowsMedicine Ball Slams, etc.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor to ensure the proper technique is being utilized and to avoid potential injuries. For additional exercises, please visit the main Medicine Ball Workouts or Physical Fitness sections.

Instructional Video for Medicine Ball Chops