Muay Boran

Muay Boran – Thai Martial Arts Style

Muay Boran (or “Ancient Boxing”) is a Thai martial arts that focuses on techniques such as kicks, punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, grappling and headbutts.

It is seen as the predecessor to Muay Thai. According to Muay Boran NYC, Muay Boran “is the original, traditional form of Muay Thai” prior to Muay Thai’s “transformation in the early 1900′s into a modern ring sport, with rules, weight divisions, etc.… influenced in part by modern western boxing”.

Many Muay Boran students believe that Muay Boran is geared more towards self-defense than Muay Thai. According to Muay Boran NYC, “Muay Boran fighters learn to strike all parts of the opponent’s body, including grappling, throwing to the ground, gripping and twisting the opponent’s limbs to break or damage joints.”

This martial arts has become popular recently due to the Ong Bak, a martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa.

Demonstration Video of Muay Boran Techniques


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