Nage-No Kata

Judo Kata – Nage-No Kata

This page provides details about the Judo Kata – Nage-No Kata. According to the International Judo Federation, this is one of the seven formal kata used in Judo.

They also state “Two of the kata – nage no kata (forms of throwing) and katame no kata (forms of grappling) demonstrate many of the basic principles underlying all the contemporary judo throwing and grappling techniques in current use to-day. As such, they are also known as randori no kata, or the forms of randori, because of the easy translation to randori techniques. All other kata, however, involve techniques that are not seen in contemporary judo practice”.

For more Judo katas, please visit the main Judo Katas page. To learn more about the techniques used in this kata, you should also visit the Judo Techniques section.

Judo Kata – Nage-No Kata


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