Names of Body Parts – Mandarin

Mandarin Names of Body Parts – Chinese Martial Arts

Here is a list of Chinese (Mandarin) words used in Chinese martial arts to identify various body parts (i.e. head, foot and neck). These Chinese words are often used during Kung Fu training in order to identify targets to strike or areas to defend. In addition, below are a couple of instructional videos that will help you to properly pronounce these Mandarin Chinese words.

For other Kung Fu words & commands, please visit the main Kung Fu Terminology section.

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Kung Fu Names for Body Parts – English to Mandarin

  • Arm – Shou Bi
  • Back – Bei
  • Chest – Xiong
  • Ear – Erduo
  • Eye – Yan Jing
  • Finger – Shou Zhi
  • Fist – Quan Tou
  • Foot – Jiao
  • Hair – Tou Fa
  • Hand – Shou
  • Head – Tou
  • Leg – Tui
  • Mouth – Zui Ba
  • Neck – Bo Zi
  • Nose – Bi Zi
  • Shoulders – Jian Bang
  • Stomach (Belly) – Du Zi
  • Teeth – Ya Chi

Chinese (Mandarin) Instructional Videos – Body Parts Vocabulary

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