Plank and Reach

Plank and Reach – Martial Arts Strength Exercise

This page looks at the strength training exercise known as a Plank and Reach. This plank exercise improves core strength. In turn, this helps to enhance martial arts kicking power and punching power. For more advanced planks (i.e. Superman Plank), please visit the main Plank Exercises section.

This exercise involves reaching out with alternating arms while in the plank position. This variation can be done while a martial arts student is in a forearm plank or straight arm plank. For an even more intense core workout, students can try this exercise while resting on only one foot.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. If you have had an injury or are in pain, please see a doctor before starting any stretching or exercise program. For different exercises (i.e. crunches and sit-ups), please visit the main Core Exercises section.

Plank and Reach

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