Sandbag Training

Sandbag Training – Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning

Sandbag training is used by some martial artists to build their “functional” strength and conditioning. Unlike traditional weight lifting, sandbag exercises do not focus on a single muscle group (i.e. lifting dumbbells to increase your biceps). Instead, many of sandbag exercises are used by martial artists to complement the natural body movements used in martial arts training. Moreover, the shifting sand in the bag provides a greater workout as the body tries to compensate for the increased instability. Other functional strength exercises include Hojo Undomedicine ball workoutskettlebell workouts, etc.

Sandbag training consists of performing exercises such as squats, lunges, lifts and walks/runs while holding a sandbag. Exercise sandbags are usually sand-filled heavy duty nylon bags with or without handles.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. If you have had an injury or are in pain, please see a doctor before starting any stretching or exercise program. For additional strength and conditioning exercises, please visit the main Martial Arts Physical Fitness section.

Sandbag Workout