Seated Straddle Pose

Seated Straddle Pose – Yoga for Martial Arts Flexibility

This page provides details for the Seated Straddle Pose. This Yoga exercise is used by martial arts students in order to stretch their hamstrings, back, groin, etc. This wide legged stretch helps students to improve their flexibility and achieve higher roundhouse kicks and side kicks.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. For additional martial arts stretches targeting other areas of the body, please visit the main Martial Arts Stretches or Yoga for Martial Arts sections.

Instructions for the Seated Straddle Pose

  • Martial arts students will sit on the floor and spread their feet wide apart.
  • They will gently reach down the center of their body towards the middle of the straddle (the spread feet).
  • For a greater stretch, students can also alternate and reach with both hands towards one foot and than the other.
  • Some martial arts schools use partners to gently push their partner’s legs wider apart in order to achieve a greater stretch. Two students will sit facing one another and hold hands. One student will use their feet to gently push on the feet/legs of their partner.

Instructional Videos for the Seated Straddle Pose