Shock Knives

Shock Knives – Martial Arts Training Tool

Shock knives are martial arts training tools that produce an electric shock if the blade touches you or your training partner. It is supposed to let students “feel” if they would have been cut in a real-life attack. They are designed to add greater realism to self-defense training than the standard rubber practice knife. Self-defense against weapons (i.e. knives) is often practiced by martial arts such as Krav Maga.

According to Shocknife, the “Shocknife SK-2… is incapable of cutting. It delivers a localized shocks that causes pain, but not serious injury or incapacitation”. For additional self-defense training tools, please visit the main Martial Arts Training Equipment section.

Demonstration Video from Shocknife

Self-Defense Training with a Shock Knife

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