Shorin-Ryu Kata – Naihanchi 1

Shorin-Ryu Kata – Naihanchi 1 or Naihanchi Shodan

This section looks at Shorin-Ryu Karate Kata Naihanchi 1 (or Naihanchi Shodan). For more Shorin-Ryu Karate katas, visit the main Shorin-Ryu Katas section.

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Shorin-Ryu Kata – Naihanchi Shodan

Kata Instructions

  • In my style of Okinawan Karate, Matsubayashi-ryu Shorin-ryu, Naihanchi Shodan is first learned at Green/Orange Belt, depending on ability. A few things to think about on this kata:
  • All stepping across is done with “pinky toes” touching each other and making a “V” before the stomp. EXCEPT for the 2nd step across. I was taught to leave an inch or 2 in between the toes for that step.
  • Keep your knees pressed out and feet pointed straight forward, maybe even a bit inwards, on the Nahanchi stance.
  • Think about more of a forearm smash instead of a “double punch” on the end movement for each side to get more snap. Although in advanced bunkai, this movement can be some form of choke or neck crank/takedown.


  1. Kata instructions are courtesy of Okinawan Karate School – Forsyth, GA , , added 12/13/2014