Shotokan Bunkai

List of Shotokan Bunkai – The Practical Application of Kata

This section focuses on the bunkai used in Shotokan Karate for katas such as Heian Shodan. The bunkai below contain videos that demonstrate a number of practical applications and combinations associated with each Shotokan kata.

Bunkai is a Karate technique where kata is broken down and studied for its offensive and defensive elements. For example, an instructor could select a portion of a kata in order to show a student how this kata element is used to defend against an attack (i.e. middle punch, high kick, etc.). Bunkai do not have to be the same for each kata element studied because there can be different interpretations and applications.

To learn the kata movements associated with these bunkai (video and/or written instructions), please visit the main Shotokan katas section.

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