Shotokan Stances

List of Shotokan Stances – Videos & Instructions

This page provides details on Shotokan stances such as Front Stance (Zenkutsu Dachi) and Back Stance (Kokutsu Dachi). These Karate stances are used in Shotokan katas, kumite, self-defense, karate kicking techniques, etc.

This page provides the English and Japanese names for each stance. For other Japanese words, please visit the Shotokan terminology section.

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Shotokan Karate Stances – Click on the links below in order to watch instructional videos for that specific stance.

  • Back Stance – Kokutsu Dachi
  • Cat Stance – Neko Ashi Dachi
  • Closed Leg Stance (Informal Attention Stance) – Heisoku Dachi
  • Crane Leg Stance – Tsuru Ashi Dachi
  • Crossed Leg Stance – Kosa Dachi
  • Foundational Stance – Moto Dachi
  • Front Stance or Forward Stance – Zenkutsu Dachi
  • Half Moon Stance – Hangetsu Dachi
  • Heron Leg Stance – Sagi Ashi Dachi
  • Horse Stance or Straddle Stance – Kiba Dachi
  • Hour Glass Stance – Sanchin Dachi
  • Immovable Stance or Rooted Stance – Fudo Dachi
  • L Stance – Renoji Dachi
  • Natural Stance – Shizentai Dachi
  • Open Leg Stance – Hachiji Dachi
  • Parallel Stance – Heiko Dachi
  • Ready Stance – Hachinoji Dachi
  • Square Stance – Shiko Dachi
  • Standing Stance – Tachi Dachi
  • T Stance – Teiji Dachi
  • V Stance (Informal Attention Stance) – Musubi Dachi

Instructional Video on Shotokan Stances

Terminology – Shotokan Stances


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