Shudokan Kata – Pinan Shodan

Shudokan Kata – Pinan Shodan

This page provides details on Shudokan kata – Pinan Shodan. For other Shudokan katas (i.e. Kyoku), please visit the main Shudokan Katas section.

Pinan Shodan is used by many different Karate styles as a low level kata but each one is a little different. Please check with your instructor for the techniques required by your school in order to properly execute this kata. Since the Pinan katas for Shudokan and Shorin-Ryu are very similar, we are adding a Shorin-Ryu kata video below in order to help with your training.

For information on the katas from other Karate styles (i.e. Shotokan), please visit the main Kata section.

Video Demonstration of Shudokan Kata – Pinan Shodan

Video Demonstration of Shorin-Ryu Kata – Pinan Shodan