Shukokai Combinations

Shukokai Combinations

This page provides details for Shukokai combinations (kihon). However, given that Shukokai has broken into a number of different organizations since the death of Sensei Kimura in 1995, combination requirements and elements can vary by school and/or association. For example, some schools practice 10 basic combinations and others can practice up to 40 combinations. We have included videos that cover combinations 1-10 as well as 1-40.

For information on Shukokai kata, please visit the main Shukokai Karate Katas section.

Instructional Video for Shukokai Combinations 1a – 10a

Demonstration Video for Shukokai Combinations 1a,b,c,d – 5a,b,c,d

Demonstration Video for Shukokai Combinations 6a,b,c,d – 10a,b,c,d

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