Side Elbow Strike

Side Elbow Strike – Martial Arts

This page provides instructions for the Side Elbow Strike. This elbow strike is often used in self-defense situations when you have been grabbed from the side in order to strike an attacker’s head, ribs, solar plexus, etc.

For other elbow strikes (i.e. spinning elbow strike), please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

Written Instructions for Technique

  • In this technique, you will bring your elbow sideways in order to strike a target (i.e. head or solar plexus).
  • You will strike your opponent with the tip of your elbow.
  • You can use your opposite hand to push your elbow in order to generate more power.
  • You should also push off with your legs and rotate your body in order to generate more power.

Instructional Videos for a Side Elbow Strike