Sikaran – Philippines Martial Arts Style

Sikaran is a Filipino martial arts focused almost exclusively on kicking. Hands and arms are only used for blocking. The signature move for Sikaran is the Biakid kick or “dragon whiplash”. This kick is similar to a spinning hook kick. However, Sikaran users will frequently target the back of their opponent’s head with this kick. In contrast, other martial arts target mainly the side of the head with this type of spinning kick.

According to Seletaria Sikaran-Arnis, “Sikaran is an ancient Philippine art of kick fighting. It is a Tagalog word that connotes “Kicking.” Tagalog is the most commonly used dialect in the Philippines and adopted as the national language of the country officially known as Pilipino. Sikaran is a coined word derived from the root word sikad (kick).”

Demonstration Video of Sikaran


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