Spinning Back Elbow Strike

Spinning Back Elbow Strike – Martial Arts

This page provides instructions for the Spinning Back Elbow Strike (or Spinning Rear Elbow Strike). The rotation of the spin combined with the solid bone of the elbow creates a powerful striking technique.

For other elbow strikes (i.e. downward elbow strike), please visit the main Elbow Strikes section.

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Written Instructions for Technique

  • The spinning back elbow is often used in combination with other techniques (i.e. punch or fake clinch) in order to deceive and/or get close to an opponent.
  • For example, if you throw a right hook punch, you will continue to rotate counter clockwise.
  • You will continue the spin by turning completely around and striking the attacker with the back of your opposite elbow.
  • A spinning elbow strike can also be used when you have your attacker in a clinch.

Instructional Video for the Spinning Back Elbow Strike