Tang Soo Do Stances

List of Tang Soo Do Stances – Videos & Instructions

This page provides details for a wide variety of Tang Soo Do stances. Tang Soo Do students use these stances in Tang Soo Do forms (hyung)sparringself-defense, etc.

This page also provides you with the Korean and English names for these Tang Soo Do stances. For other Korean words, please visit the Tang Soo Do terminology section.

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Basic Tang Soo Do Stances

  • Back Stance – Hu Gul Jaseh
  • Cross Legged Stance – Kyo Cha Rip Jaseh
  • Fighting Stance – Deh Ryun Jaseh
  • Front Stance – Chun Gul Jaseh
  • Horse Stance – Ki Ma Jaseh
  • Ready Stance – Jhoon Bi Jaseh or Choon Bee Jaseh
  • Side Stance – Sa Ko Rip Jaseh

Instructional Video on Tang Soo Do Stances


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