Ude Makiwara

Ude Makiwara – Karate Training Tool

Ude Makiwara is a round version of the flat Makiwara striking post. This training tool for practicing strikes & kicks is used by some of the more traditional Karate schools.

The Ude Makiwara is a padded circular wooden pole that allows Karate students to practice strikes from a variety of angles versus straight on with a Makiwara. It is a traditional training tool (similar to the modern day Wavemaster) but with less “give” and less padding.

Like all Makiwara variations, the Ude Makiwara is also used to toughen a student’s hands and legs (as students are striking a harder surface than a thickly padded heavy bag). The main disadvantage of the Ude Makiwara versus a Makiwara is that is less flexible (as it does not bend) and thus can cause more potential damage to a student’s hand & feet.

The Chinese version of the Ude Makiwara is the wooden striking dummy. Another variation of the Ude Makiwara is the Sagi Makiwara which is a hanging wooden striking tool.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized. For information on other traditional training tools, please visit the wiki’s section on Martial Arts Training Equipment.