Wado-Ryu Kumite Kihon – Nanahonme

Wado-Ryu Kumite Kihon – Nanahonme (Kumite Kihon 7)

This page provides details for Wado-Ryu Kumite Kihon – Nanahonme. This technique is also known as Wado-Ryu Kumite Kihon 7.

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Instructions for Wado-Ryu – Kumite Kihon 7

After bowing, the attacker takes one step forward and the defender takes one step backward.

  • Attacker (Torre)
  1. Hidari Zenkutsu-dachi (Left basic stance)
  2. Lunge forward with Hidari Tsukkomi Jodan (Left head height punch)
  3. Adjust your feet and then kick with Migi Mawashigeri Chudan (Right round kick)
  • Defender (Uke)
  1. Migi Zenkutsu-dachi (Right basic stance)
  2. Slide to the left and cover attack with Migi Nagashi Soto-uke (Right middle block) to avoid punch
  3. Push forward into a leaning stance and do Shutuke (Open hand block/strike) to the collarbone and Hidari Gedan Bari (Left downward block)
  • Notes
  1. In this case Shutuke (open hand block) is not used as a block but as a strike.
  2. When practicing this kihon do not strike the collarbone or knee with full force (Defender stage ) as this can break the collarbone very easily and cause permanent ligament damage to the knee if practiced repeatedly

Wado-Ryu – Kumite Kihon 7

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