Wado-Ryu Stances

List of Wado-Ryu Stances

This page provides details about the different stances used in Wado-Ryu Karate. These stances are used in Wado-Ryu kata, kumite (sparring), training, etc. In contrast to longer and deeper Shotokan stances, Wado-Ryu stances are closer and more “natural”.

If you are looking for information on other stances (i.e. Shotokan), please visit the main Martial Arts Stances section.

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Wado-Ryu Stances – Click on stance links for videos and instructions.

  • Chinto dachi – Chinto stance
  • Fudo dachi – Free stance
  • Gankaku dachi (or Sagi ashi dachi) – Crane or heron stance
  • Gyaku neko ashi dachi – Reverse cat stance
  • Gyaku zuki dachi – Reverse punch stance
  • Gyaku zuki tsukkomi dachi – Reverse lunge stance
  • Hachiji dachi – Ready stance
  • Hangetsu dachi – Half-Moon stance
  • Hanmi neko ashi dachi – Half turned cat stance
  • Heiko dachi – Parallel stance
  • Heisoku dachi – Narrow or closed stance
  • Jun zuki dachi – Front punch or jab stance
  • Jun zuki tsukkomi dachi – Front lunge punch stannce
  • Kiba dachi – Horse riding stance (Feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly in, knees bent and buttox pulled under slightly)
  • Kokutsu dachi – Back stance
  • Kosa dachi – Crossed leg stance
  • Musubi dachi – Attention stance
  • Naifanchi dachi – Modified horse stance
  • Neko ashi dachi – Cat stance (about 80% weight on back foot, should be able to raise front leg for kick or dodge kick easily)
  • No tsukomi dachi – Forward lunging stance
  • Reinoji dachi – L stance
  • Sagi ashi dachi (or Gankaku dachi) – Crane or heron stance (Really only use in Chinto Kata)
  • Sanchin dachi – Hour-glass stance (Used in place of Zenkutsu dachi, Shorter stance, toes pointing to center of opponent to direct power, also helps with hip and shoulder movement for punches)
  • Seisan dachi – Seisan stance
  • Shiko dachi – Sumo stance
  • Shizentai dachi – Natural stance
  • Shomen neko ashi dachi – Forward facing cat stance
  • Tate seisan dachi – Vertical seisan stance
  • Teiji dachi – T stance
  • Yoi dachi – Ready stance (Hands in front of body in ready possition, should be nice and relaxed ready for next drill ect)
  • Yoko seisan dachi – Side seisan stance
  • Zenkutsu dachi – Forward or front stance

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