X-Guard Sweeps

X-Guard Sweeps – Grappling Technique

This page provides details on how to do a variety of “X-Guard Sweeps”. These sweeps are used when you are in the X-Guard position. These sweeps are used in martial arts systems such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. A successful sweep allows a martial arts student to gain a superior grappling position versus their opponent.

All grappling techniques are potentially dangerous and should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. For more grappling and submission techniques, please visit our main Submissions & Grappling Techniques section.

Instructional Video on the X-Guard Stand-Up Sweep

Instructional Video on a X-Guard Sweep

Instructional Video on X-Guard Sweep – Drop Ankle and Dump

Instructional Video on X-Guard Sweep – Far Leg Buckle Sweep