Zenpo Kaiten

Zenpo Kaiten – Judo Forward Roll Breakfall

This page provides details for the Judo Forward Roll Breakfall (Zenpo Kaiten in Japanese). These Ukemi techniques help Judo students to land safely when thrown or they are knocked off balance. Other breakfalls include Ushiro Ukemi (Back Breakfall), Yoko Ukemi (Side Breakfall) and Mae Ukemi (Front or Forward Breakfall).

The forward roll breakfall is useful because you often thrown forward in Judo. In addition, the roll can be used to get back up quickly (by continuing the roll in this technique) versus lying flat on the ground. For other techniques (i.e. Judo throws), please visit the main Judo Techniques section.

Instructional Video for Judo Breakfalls

Instructional Video for Judo Forward Breakfalls