Ear Clap

Ear Clap or Thunderclap Strike – Martial Arts

This page provides details on how to do an “Ear Clap”. This martial arts self-defense technique involves striking the ears on an attacker in order to force them to release you. This strike is also known as a Thunderclap Strike, Cupped Ear Blow, Thunder Palm Fist, etc.

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Details for this Strike

  • Start by making a knife hand and cupping your hand slightly.
  • Then strike the attacker by slapping your hands together against their ears.
    • When throwing both hands together, it may be preferential and quicker shoot the hands forward about 6 or so inches away from the ears
    • And then proceed with the ear clap
    • This will be less devastating but a quicker stun
  • The arm can also be swung in a larger arch similar to a hook punch
    • In this situation, it would be preferential to throw only one hand that way you are not left open to an attack
    • This strike will do more damage but could more easily be seen by the opponent

Damage to the ear: These two similar strikes are likely to result in either a rupturing of the tympanic membrane (the ear drum) or an ossicular chain dislocation.

Note: Use extreme caution when practicing with a partner. For safety reasons, it is better to practice this technique on a BOB dummy.

Instructional Video of an Cupped Ear Blow (Self-Defense Technique)