Groin Slap

Groin Slap – Martial Arts

Slaps are used during martial arts training. They can either be used as blocks (i.e. open hand blocks) or as a strike. Most observers look at slaps as ineffective because they lack the solid bone mass of a punch. Nevertheless, when used in the appropriate situation, slaps can be effective for self-defense.

While a slap to the face or arm is unlikely to stop an attacker, a groin slap will temporarily incapacitate or at least stun an attacker. The extended fingers of the slap allows for a greater reach versus a regular punch. Moreover, the slap can be turned into a groin grab if necessary. In addition, a slap can be less slightly accurate and still be effective because you can hit the target with the front, back or side of a slap.

A groin slap is also less likely to seriously injure an attacker (i.e. you want to escape from the grasp from a supposed friend) versus a groin kick or punch to the groin.

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Karate Application of a Groin Slap