Hapkido Numbers

Hapkido Numbers – How To Count In Korean

This page will help you to count in Korean for Hapkido. We have listed the primary Korean numbers used in Hapkido for training purposes such as stretching.

As you know, Hapkido is a Korean martial arts. Therefore, many Hapkido schools require that their students know basic Korean numbers, words and terms. In addition, we have added videos where you can hear the proper pronunciation of these Korean numbers. For other Hapkido words & terms, visit the Hapkido Terminology section.

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Hapkido Numbers – How to Count in Korean

      • One – Hana (“Ha-na”)
      • Two – Dul (“Dhool”)
      • Three – Set (“Set”)
      • Four – Net (“Net”)
      • Five – Dasot (“Da-sut”)
      • Six – Yasot (“Yo-sut”)
      • Seven – Ilgup (“Eel-gope”)
      • Eight – Yodol (“Yo-dull”)
      • Nine – Ahop (“Ah-hope”)
      • Ten – Yeol (“Yull”)
      • For 11 through 19, add the Korean word for 10 in front of the last number. For example, eleven is Yeol Hana (“Yull Ha-na”) – the Korean words for 10 and 1.
      • Eleven – Yeol Hana (“Yull Ha-na”)
      • Twelve – Yeol Dul (“Yull Dhool”)
      • Thirteen – Yeol Set (“Yull Set”)
      • Fourteen – Yeol Net (“Yull Net”)
      • Fifteen – Yeol Dasot (“Yull Da-sut”)
      • Sixteen – Yeol Yasot (“Yull Yo-Sut”)
      • Seventeen – Yeol Ilgup (“Yull Eel-gope”)
      • Eighteen – Yeol Yodol (“Yull Yo-dull”)
      • Nineteen – Yeol Ahop (“Yull Ah-hope”)
      • Twenty – Seu-Mool (“Sew-mool”)

    How to Count in Korean