ITF Taekwondo – Attention Stance

ITF Taekwondo Attention Stance (or Charyot Sogi)

This page provides details for the ITF Taekwondo Attention Stance. In Korean, this Taekwondo stance is known as Charyot Sogi. Stances are be used in ITF Taekwondo patterns, training exercises, sparring, etc.

For more ITF stances (i.e. L-stance or walking stance), please visit the main Taekwondo stances section.

Written Instructions for the ITF Taekwondo Attention Stance

  • Feet are at a 45 degree angle (like a V) with heels almost touching.
  • Both hands are closed in a fist.
  • Arms are hanging down by student’s side.
  • Eyes are looking forward.

Instructional Videos for ITF Taekwondo Stances


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