Taekwondo Stances

List of Taekwondo Stances – Videos & Instructions

This page provides instructions for a wide variety of Taekwondo stances (i.e. tiger stance, back stance and horse-riding stance). In Korean, Taekwondo stances are known as Seogi or Sogi. Students will use many of these stances during WTF Taekwondo formsITF Taekwondo patternsTaekwondo sparringself-defense, training exercises, etc.

However, be aware that Taekwondo stances can vary between the two major Taekwondo federations (ITF and WTF). There can be differences in the angle of the feet and the length/width of the stance. For example, the length of the ITF walking stance is “one and a half shoulder widths”. In contrast, the length of the WTF walking stance is “one walking step forward” (thus a much shorter length than the ITF walking stance). Moreover, despite being very similar, the WTF back stance is two shoulder widths in length and the ITF L-stance is one and a half shoulder widths in length. Check with your Taekwondo instructor if you are having a problem with your stances.

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List of WTF Taekwondo Stances – Click on stances for instructions and/or videos

List of ITF Taekwondo Stances

Instructional Video for WTF Taekwondo Stances

Instructional Videos for Basic ITF Taekwondo Stances


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