Taekwondo – Ready Stance

Taekwondo Ready Stance (or Joon Bi Seogi)

This page provides details about the Taekwondo Ready Stance. In Korean, the ready stance is known as Joon Bi Seogi. Be aware that you may find Joon Bi spelled as Junbi or Choonbi. The ready stance is often used to start Taekwondo forms, training sessions, etc.

For information on other stances (i.e. back stance or tiger stance), please visit the main Taekwondo Stances section.

Written Instructions for a Taekwondo Ready Stance

  • You start at attention.
  • You move your left foot and stand with your feet one shoulder length apart.
  • Your head & body should be facing forward. You should be standing straight up (not bent forward).
  • Bring your hands to chest height, make a fist and then move your fists down to belt level. Your elbows should be slightly bent.
  • Your fists should be a fist-size away from your body (not touching your body).

Ready Stance or Joon Bi Seogi – First Portion of Video


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