Taekwondo – Front Stance

Taekwondo Front Stance (or Ap Kubi Seogi)

This page provides details about the Taekwondo Front Stance or Forward Stance. In Korean, the front stance is known as Ap Kubi Seogi. A front stance is often used in Taekwondo forms, training sessions, etc.

For information on other stances (i.e. back stance or tiger stance), please visit the main Taekwondo Stances section.

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Written Instructions for Front Stance

  • You need to take a long step forward with your front foot.
  • The “length” between your two feet should be one & a half to two shoulder widths apart.
  • The “width” between your two feet should be one to one & a half shoulder widths apart.
  • Your front leg should be bent sharply forward (like taking a large lunge forward). Most of your weight will be on your front leg.
  • Your front foot will face forward.
  • Your rear leg should be straight.
  • Your rear foot will face to the side at a 45 degree angle.
  • Your body will face forward towards your opponent. Try to keep your body straight and upright.

Instructional Video for a Taekwondo Front Stance (starts at 2:20 into video)


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